Your First Weeks Postpartum: The Truth

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Okay before I start I want to make clear my “Truth” posts are not to scare you but to inform you how it truthfully is. I wish I would have had a better understanding and what to expect after birth! It is something not talked about nearly enough and I aim to help women so they can have some expectations and know that they are not alone!

Alright first, you have had your sweet bundle of joy! Yes, you love your sweet baby and there is a sense of joy that the pregnancy is over and happiness that he or she is finally here but your far from feeling great. In fact you might feel like you have been hit by a train. At least that is how I felt. Yes, you are thankful to not have all that extra weight hanging from your belly but now you have a deflated squishy one hanging around. Do you think the waddle walking stops after birth? Nope. You might do that still for a few days like I did because of an episiotomy or you may have to hunch over for weeks because of a cesarean. Do you think the swelling goes away after birth? Nope. Mine got worse. My feet were like little blown up balloons the whole first week home. So honestly you don’t feel too hot after birth. I specifically remember standing in the shower when I got home looking at my body and just crying. Crying because I already felt like I would never be the same again. Crying because I heard a little baby in the next room and I had NO idea what I was doing. Crying because I felt I never would have time just me and my husband again. Crying because I felt the life as I knew it was over. Crying because I felt like something was wrong with me for feeling all these ways.

Little did I know that ALL mothers go through this. Yet it isn’t talked about AT ALL! Maybe it’s because people don’t want to scare you but for me I wish I would have known that it’s okay! Your not alone! That it is normal to just cry for no reason or to cry because it seems all too much in that moment because you have maybe gotten 30 minutes of sleep in a weeks time!

I remember the first few weeks I had NO sleep…literally none! Trust me that did not do my post partum feels any type of good! In the first week it is very overwhelming on how to sleep. Do you swaddle? Do you co sleep? Do you put them in their crib? Is it okay to give them a pacifier to soothe them because your breastfeeding them and you dont want to confuse them? Is he or she still breathing lol?

It can all be a little much on what to do and what not to do. So my advice…do what works for you. I will tell you my experience did not get better with sleep until around 5 weeks when I had some sweet friends come over and help us. They showed us how to swaddle and that changed EVERYTHING for my baby. Swaddling isn’t for every baby but if your having trouble with sleep try that first! We used the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle! Click link to shop! 

HALO SleepSack Plush Dot Velboa Swaddle, Cream, Newborn

We also purchased a co sleeper! I wanted the dock a tot so bad but could not justify the price point so I bought this one instead! It’s super cute and has worked wonders for us for our little one while swaddles.

Image may contain: 1 person

Also we purchased a rocker for when we wanted our son out of the bed. It works great for nighttime and during the day for entertainment. It has a few rocker settings and multiple songs and sounds to soothe your baby. Click link to shop! 

Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone

Maybe some of those will work for you!

Please know that it is okay to not feel like your self in the beginning! Every woman truly does! It is okay if you think your husband or significant other just doesn’t understand because truthfully they don’t. No one on this earth knows except other mothers! I know this may not sound like much help but it DOES GET BETTER! I am proof that it does get better! I am 8 weeks post partum now and my baby is my world! No my body is not the same but when I look at it I see strength, courage, & how this body brought my sweet son into this world and I am thankful for every change that has taken place. I am the happiest mother and I feel like myself again but better!

Please know you will feel like yourself again, you will eventually know exactly what your child needs and even be able to tell the difference in their cry, you and your husband will have time just you two again, and your life is not over…it is far from over! In fact, it has just begun the most beautiful journey of your life!

I found my strength in God through prayer and the support of my husband! I believe if you cling to God during this time you will find him closer to you than you ever have before! Here are two songs that I played on repeat that blessed my heart!


Even though the first few weeks can be hard it is WORTH every single struggle! We as women are warriors for giving birth, and if we can birth to our babies we can DO ANYTHING!!!


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