What you really need in your diaper bag with a newborn! 

Hey Mommas here is evereything you actually need in your diaper bag with a newborn!

Diapers: Of coarse that is a no brainer! Have plenty of them!

Wipes: I always carry these Honest Company wipes!

PopYum Bottle: Alright right after reading this post click the link below and purchase this bottle! You will thank me! It is the go to “on the go” bottle in my eyes! There is no hassle of measuring your formula and pouring the correct amount of water while your child is crying in public because they are hungry! All you do is measure before you leave the house and when your child is ready you push one button and shake! In just seconds it is ready! This is a REAL LIFE SAVER when you are in public!! The bottle  also comes is both 5 oz. & 9 oz. sizes!

Displaying 5oz_1-pack_PopYum_Baby_Bottle_150ml_w_cap_funnel.jpgDisplaying 9oz_1-pack_PopYum_Baby_Bottle_270ml_w_cap_funnel.jpg

Click link to shop PopYum Bottles you won’t regret it!

Extra Pacifier: this is a MUST. The worst thing is having a screaming child when you can not find their pacifier! We use the wubbanub collections! Click here to shop!

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Elephant

Hand Sanitizer: I use the honest company lavender spray because there are no harsh chemicals. Click Link to shop!

Mini Aquafor Baby: This stuff is a miracle worker. There are so many uses. From scrapes, scratches, bites, dry skin, and diaper rash! It does it all and it works wonders. Click link to shop!

Aquaphor Baby Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment Skin Protectant, 7 Ounce

2 Extra Onesies: you may never know when a blow out may occur. So be prepared! We carry some of these! Click link to shop!

Blanket: this is so necessary to me! You never know when the air conditioning where you are going may be a little to chilly for your little one. My favorite blankets for the warm months are the Aden and Anais muslin blankets. They come in the cutest colors and patterns! Here are the ones we use! Click link to shop!

aden + anais silky soft metallic swaddle 3 pack, skylight birch

Munchin Diaper Dispenser/Arm & Hammer Bags: When your out in public this is the most nifty gadget! Just put the stinky diaper in the bag and throw away or put back in your diaper bag until you can get to a garbage can! Click link to shop!

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser with Bags, Lavender Scent, Colors May Vary 1 ea

This is everything that I absolutely have in my diaper bag! Is there anything I’m missing that you think I need or an item you can not live without? Comment below I would love to hear from you!!


I believe I have one the most convenient/prettiest diaper bags on the market! Click this link to see my review on the JuJuBe BFF Diaper Bag especially if you are on the hunt for one!



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